An event’s success relies largely on generating buzz! At Kumpanni, event planning starts with a communication strategy based on clear objectives. It’s not just about creating an event: it’s also about creating excitement and interest before, during and after it takes place.

That’s why we offer full communications and marketing services:

  • Development of strategic communications plans
    We’ll help you define your aims and target audience along with the best means for getting your message across.

  • Design and production of promotional tools
    Signage, leaflets, web pages, emails and newsletters: we’ll create the tools selected in the communication plan.
  • Copywriting, revision and translation of official communications
    Clear and effective content gives your message greater impact. As needed, we can also help you write speeches and translate them into other languages spoken by your guests.
  • Coordination of graphic design teams
    We oversee the visuals to ensure consistency across the various promotional tools and with your brand image.

  • Strategic planning for social media
    We determine the channels to be used and the messages to be posted to ensure your event gets promoted on all the relevant platforms.