At Kumpanni, every little detail counts. Our team takes full charge of your event’s logistics, freeing you to enjoy the day and focus on your guests.

Our central role is what makes that possible. As your single point of contact, we coordinate all parties involved to ensure everything goes smoothly. You won’t need to manage multiple suppliers or respond to unforeseen situations. More specifically, we take care of:

  • Setting the schedule
    We work with you to develop a realistic event planning timeline that maximizes efficiency.
  • Managing finances and monitoring the budget
    We manage your budget carefully, every step of the way. Our high premium on transparency and communication means no unpleasant surprises for you once your event is over.
  • Drafting activity scenarios
    Nothing about the experience is left to chance. We produce scenarios describing every stage of your event and the experience you’ll deliver to maximize the satisfaction of all attendees.
  • Finding and managing all suppliers
    Sound, technical support, entertainment, conferences, catering, equipment rentals and more! We find the suppliers and service providers you need and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure your event’s success.

  • Planning and managing technical and technological needs
    Whether your event is in person, virtual or a hybrid, technical considerations are a key factor. We work with your team and, as needed, can recommend trusted suppliers so that your event goes off without a hitch.